Tour Update: New Washington, DC date added

After two sold out shows in  Washington DC , an additional date has been added to Maxwell’s LIVE08 tour on November 19th. Stay tuned for ticket info.


23 Responses to Tour Update: New Washington, DC date added

  1. Nurse Deb says:

    What did we expect??? Didn’t we say we missed you? This proves it!!! CONGRATS!!

  2. Carla says:

    Told Ya! LOL

  3. Ladyb says:

    You might as well make D.C. your little Vegas (lol, lol) You are knockin some doors down and I think people are listening. It’s great to know the demand is such that you need 3 shows at the Hall. Congratulations on that and see ya’ in D.C.

  4. Carla says:

    Will be getting my tik for thrd show on fri. See ya on the 17th,18th, and 19th! I’m broke now.. LOL! Well worth it though! 🙂 GOD Bless you, ur crew, and the tour!

  5. Olu says:


    It is great to see you back, I had to see you in Amesterdam, was hoping for a show in the UK, I really wanna see another, hope Radio city but sold out, come to the UK man “Pretty Wings” great song for me, “Bad Habits” is the groove. I am still hungry for more max music
    Man am Staving- Album out please Now not later now
    God Bless

  6. carla says:

    Hey… can u send ur #1 Fan a ticket for the 19th show pleaaaaase? I’ll bring u some Cap’n Crunch 🙂 Gotta give u a fist bump and a hug. Been since 98..10 years! YaaaY! Luv Ya!

  7. MAKEDA says:


  8. jazzminemd says:

    Maxwell I love you. I went to the show in DC the last time you came. Does anyone know who else is performing? The opening act?

  9. Carla says:

    Got my CCard ready for 10AM…I’m so glad this is payday! Yaay! Nov 19th Baby!

  10. (Cherokee) says:

    Avotre Sante’ Maxwell!!!

    Here’s your review from your first U.S. date, October 8, 2008 at The Opera in Boston, MA last night…EXCELLENTE! God bless you, love…

    Maxwell returns, with thrill intact
    By Sarah Rodman, Globe Staff | October 9, 2008

    It is possible that there were other people onstage last night when Maxwell began singing his cover of Kate Bush’s ethereal “This Woman’s Work.” But the moment the R&B singer eased into the first cooing high notes of the fragile ballad, everything in the Opera House that wasn’t encompassed in the mists of his aching falsetto sigh vanished in some sort of soul-induced hysterical blindness. The crowd, especially the women, erupted with an explosion of the type and volume of screaming usually reserved for an Oprah Winfrey giveaway show.

    Maxwell earned every one of those shrieks and sighs with a spectacular comeback performance that made clear the only thing he’s lost in the six-plus years he’s been laying low is his Afro.

    Attired in a tux, with bowtie rakishly untied, Maxwell slid, spun, and thrusted his way through the lush ballads and crisp jams that made him a star on the neo-soul scene of the late ’90s with a self-assured ease.

    (One thing he’s clearly been doing during his break: squats.)

    The crowd did its part chiming in on the smooth, never-raunchy come-ons of tunes like “Lifetime” and “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” careful not to drown out the elegant contours of a voice so clearly cultivated through years of singing along with Marvin Gaye and Prince.

    With the crackerjack aid of a hot ten-piece band – including a three-piece horn section that doubled on backing vocals – Maxwell also, almost guiltily, previewed a few songs from his upcoming trilogy of albums, “Black Summer’s Night.”

    He needn’t have apologized. New tunes like “Pretty Wings” were of a piece with his sexy back catalog, drawing positive reactions to the crisp backbeat, and to the sentiment of not holding onto someone too tightly. Maxwell also wisely sandwiched each new tune between beloved oldies.

    Graciously, with a stunned sincerity, he repeatedly thanked the audience for remembering him and the songs.

    The band, of course, made itself known throughout the night, with tasteful flourishes, from the percussionist expertly wafting neck-hair-raising chimes through the sultry “Was My Girl” to the bass player laying down smoky riffs that seemed to slide like quicksilver around the slinky funk of the new tune “Bad Habits.”

    Guys, if your lady went to the show last night and isn’t home yet, you may want to check the floor of the Opera House, where more than one woman was observed dissolving into a puddle of soul-powered bliss.

    Opener Jazmine Sullivan got the fires burning with a short set that showcased her irrepressible personality – especially on the woman-scorned opener “Bust Your Windows” – and her seductively husky voice.

  11. Carla says:

    ARRRGGG!! Sigh… got a row behind the row for the 18th… 😦 I had so many people helping me online to get good seats and still ended up in second sec orchestra… booo! Well Max, ol’ buddy ol’ pall… guess they have put ur official FANatic (Mtv 1998) in the corner… but I thought nobody puts Baby in the corner… Patrick said so… LOL! Still excited as a front row seater tho 🙂 God Bless you for bringing back fond fond memories of a wonderful experience with you and our sea friends! Luv Ya! Carla M. Turner

  12. (Cherokee) says:

    Maxwell panty raids Radio City Music Hall
    Oct 10, 2008, 07:10 PM | by Margeaux Watson

    “There are not enough panties on my stage tonight!”

    That’s long-MIA soul singer Maxwell working the ladies in the house—including Rosie Perez and Holly Robinson Pete—during his concert at New York’s Radio City Music Hall last night. From channeling ’80s-era Prince to delivering a scorching rendition of Al Green’s “Simply Beautiful,” the Brooklyn native received a hero’s welcome at the hometown stop of his first tour in six years, featuring opening act Jazmine Sullivan, who recently dropped her buzzworthy debut CD, Fearless. In addition to dry humping the stage (!) and performing old favorites like “Fortunate” and “Lifetime,” Max previewed three seductive new cuts (“Pretty Wings,” “Bad Habits,” “Cold”) from his much-anticipated follow-up to 2001’s Now.

    No release date has been announced yet, but if yesterday’s show is any indication of what to expect, his next CD is likely to be the hottest comeback album since Mariah Carey’s 2005 miracle, The Emancipation of Mimi. See for yourself when BET’s Access Granted goes behind the scenes of the tour’s kick-off show in South Africa, airing on Oct. 19 at 10PM.

  13. Vershell aka Maxluv508 says:

    Wheww, im still having withdrawals from the Thursday night show at Radio City in NYC, off da chain.. Caught the train from Baltimore, arrived in NYC on Thursday evening to catch the show, cuz I just couldnt wait until Nov 17 in DC.. as always Maxwell aint disappoint me, great show, absolutely GREAT. And yes Max you sold out Radio City…im still cheesing..

  14. MerryMary says:

    VERY upset and disappointed that you canceled the Omaha concert!!! When tour was first posted San Diego was not included so I bought a plane ticket AND front row seats to your concert in Omaha. I have been anticipating this trip and concert for the past month!! I am incredibly disappointed that 1 week before the concert it has been canceled! I’m out not only a plane ticket but also the opportunity to see you front row! I have been a HUGE fan since UrbanHangSuite first debuted. (I have since purchased a general admission/standing room only at House of Blues for San Diego show just added..however still it will not replace having to lose a plane ticket and a month of planning/anticipation to see you front and center in Omaha) I just wanted you to know that when shows are canceled, it really hurts the fans!…..Sincerely, Still & and always will be your #1 fan M

  15. bebee says:

    I attended the NY concert this past weekend and it was the BEST!!! Maxwell is an incredible person..his humility makes you love him even more!!!!!!!!!

  16. Carla says:

    Hi Maxwell….Um..Sugalump….Can you please tell whoever is posting clips from ur performance on utube to STOP IT DANGGIT!! Please have them taken off… The urge is too strong for me. I keep pulling it up, then Xing it out because i want the experiences(S) on the 17th,18th and 19th to be autherntic and the people who know my problem at work keep trying to ping me the links. I have to be honest.. I had to look at one of them.. the clip of Bad Habits. Ok.. do u watch Family Guy, cause the best way to describe how I felt about that song would be If I were Quagmire in a cheerleader locker room… But yeah.. please, and I’m sure you dont want them on there to spoil the excitement either.. It’s like the fool who posted that dang spoiler saying Omar got shot a week b4 the Wire aired it!! Luv Ya! See You IN D.C.! Carla M. Turner

  17. Vershell aka Maxluv508 says:

    And now another show added in my hometown Baltimore..Nov 22, so i’ll be seeing the show in DC on the 17th and and B-more on the what a treat..

  18. (Cherokee) says:



    October 13, 2008

    Massey Hall, Toronto – October 12, 2008

    Live Review: Maxwell in T.O.

    By JANE STEVENSON — Sun Media

    TORONTO – In the case of reclusive neo-soul singer Maxwell, it seems absence had definitely made the heart grow fonder.

    The 35-year-old Brooklyn native, on his first tour in six years, touched down at Massey Hall on Sunday night and the charismatic singer-songwriter was greeted by swooning females and barking males during a sexy, soulful and smooth hour-and-20-minute set.

    Maxwell has described the trek as a “pre-party tour celebration” for the forthcoming Black Summers’ Night, a trilogy of new albums he expects to release over the next three years as the followup to his last studio record, 2001’s Now.

    The first installment, titled Black, was represented on Sunday night by two strong songs, Pretty Wings and Bad Habits, which saw the crowd in the palm of his hand.

    But it was really the older material that got the nearly sold-out audience going, starting with the set-openers Get To Know Ya and No One, which saw enthusiastic fans immediately jump to their feet.

    Backed by a 10-piece band, including a three-man horn section, all decked out in black suits with bow ties – with the exception of the casually dressed percussionist and a ballroom gowned-and-long black gloves-wearing female backup singer – Maxwell has definitely updated his earlier funkier hair and clothes for a more sophisticated look.

    His long dreadlocks are gone, and along with the short hair, he wore a black suit, recalling a more modern Marvin Gaye due to his graceful dance moves and beautiful falsetto not to mention a million dollar smile and constant winks at the audience.

    While introducing the third song of the night, Lifetime, Maxwell admitted: “I took too much time. I know I took too long. I want to thank you all for being so patient.”

    Honestly, no one seemed to care.

    The fourth song, his beloved cover of Kate Bush’s A Woman’s Worth, drew some of the biggest cheers of the night as he dramatically sank to his knees to sing mid-song and the audience joined in on the words.

    “I’m loving Toronto!” said Maxwell at one point. “Is this funky or what?”

    Next up was the more upbeat Everywanting To Want You and Sumthin’ Sumthin’ followed by bedroom ballads like Was My Girl, Simply Beautiful, Fortunate, Til The Cops Come Knockin’, and more dance and singalongs with Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) and Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.

    For his part, Maxwell seemed genuinely astounded at the response throughout the night.

    “I can’t believe this, I can’t believe this,” he said, shaking his head.

    And when he sat down at the front of the stage to greet one particularly enthusiastic fan, she handed him a song she had written.

    Fandom doesn’t get much more committed than this.

    Well, actually it does.

    Just as he was trying to leave the stage before his encore, a fan threw up a huge pair of white underwear decorated with the words “be mine” inside a red heart.

    Maxwell didn’t skip a beat and threw the large lingerie around his shoulders like a cardigan and immediately launched into the next song.

  19. William C. Gibson says:

    An Open Letter: Earthbound . . . (U R Heaven Sent)

    My Brother, (Dear Maxwell)

    Long before you became a sensation, I understood and recognized your being a star. It wasn’t the buzz that preceded your arrival on an otherwise pedestrian musical horizon in 1996. After I unwrapped the cellophane from Urban Hang Suite and then played it, I was introduced not only to your artistry; but also, the exquisite gift of who you are. The music simply embodies a deep and profound spirit.

    This past Friday, October 10th, I got to experience the phenomenon of Maxwell Live with my family, in Wallingford, Connecticut, at the Chevrolet Theater. Damn if you didn’t give us some insight into your humanity; while allowing us to rediscover what remains of our own. I’m still trying to figure out who had more fun, you or me?

    I remain . . .

    In Wonder,

    Your Big Brother

  20. Dee says:

    Hello, I saw Maxwell on Friday in Wallingford, CT. I literally screamed throughout his whole performance. I went without my husband so I could really enjoy myself 🙂 There were women there from all age groups and he had us all mesmerized. I am a 48 year old grandmother and I just love this man! He said he’d see us again next year and I will be right there when he comes back. This was my second time seeing him in concert and it is always oh so worth it…..the voice, the looks and those sexy, sexy moves! Holla!

  21. Kelli says:

    Beautiful, Sexy Maxwell!

    You are BRILLIANT, and we all love you very much! You were missed! I was reading, where they have an amazing photo gallery of you in honor of your return, and let me tell you, LOVE IS OVERWHELMINGLY FLOWING FOR YOU…REAL LOVE NEVER DIES! Stay safe, and God BLESS you always! See you soon! Check out the LOVE for you on this link:

  22. bebee says:

    I have now attended my second Maxwell concert for his current tour. It was in Chicago (my home town) this time and he was equally fantastic as he was in New York. My seat was front row and center, so I got a whole lot of eye-candy. Maxwell is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to get a hug this time, but it didn’t happen. But never-the-less his performance was superb. I will be attending his concert in Las Vegas too. You can never get too much of a Maxwell!

    Best to him and his band:)

  23. Waterfall says:

    So thankful for having the opportunity to see Maxwell in DC last night! Maxwell you are a such a beautiful and gifted singer. Thank God for your West Indian and Haitian parents. They have blessed the world with a phenomenal human being. I really appreciate you taking the time to pour out an emotional thank you to the audience. Your message was heartfelt! Please believe that we truly FORGIVE YOU for your seven year hiatus. As the elders say, everyone goes through a new season every seven years. Believe that we are all in a new season–politically, spiritually, emotionally, and best of all musically :-). I look forward to seeing you in concert again. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I keep singing your praises to my friends and family. Keep up that sexy, cool, humorous demeanor. Your band is oh so awesome and elegant. What a way to spend a mid-week night out. Peace and blessings. Much love and hugs from DC.

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