Maxwell Live 08 Rehearsal Bloemfontein, South Africa

Maxwell Live 08 Rehearsal Bloemfontein, South Africa, originally uploaded by MaxwellMusze.

Just a day after landing in Johannesburg, South Africa, Maxwell has wrapped up his final rehearsal for his show tomorrow night at the Macufe Festival. It was an hour and 15 minute rehearsal and included 3 new songs from his upcoming album Black Summers’ Night. The show starts at 8pm South African Standard Time.


27 Responses to Maxwell Live 08 Rehearsal Bloemfontein, South Africa

  1. B-Side says:

    It’s about 6:55pm there right now (give or take a few secs). I was about to say “Good Luck” but you don’t need luck because I know you’re gonna kill it and slay them.

    Sending MadLuv&XtremelyGood Vibes2U.

  2. JaQueen says:

    I wish you the best of luck on the start of your tour. Be extra safe, cause I need to see you perform in NYC on October 9th.

  3. Crystal says:

    Wow Max in the motherland, I know you are going to knock there socks off
    Keep doing your thing!

  4. (Cherokee) says:

    A vision of greatness…breathtaking! Can’t wait for November 12 in Atlanta for the already SOLDOUT SHOW!!!

  5. Gaynelle says:

    Hi Maxwell. It’s great to see the Maxwell Twitter . Let us know how your concert went in South Africa. Wow! I know they were totally blown away by your talent. Can’t wait to see you in Chicago on Saturday.

  6. Lisa says:

    Patiently awaiting your return to the states…I will see you in Vegas on the 31st.
    Do the damn thang…and bring it home.
    Luv ya!!

  7. Brandon Florus says:

    Maxwell is awesome. my brotha and i drove over 1000km from cape town to see his first ever performance in south africa or should i say first show ever on the african continent. we waited in front of that stage for 9 hours so that we would have a close up spot to watch max do his thang. despite the fact that we drove for 12 hours from thursday night and never slept until after the show on friday night, it was worth every bit of suffering. Maxwell rocked Bloem and all those present that night. we even managed to get him to autograph our poster which was awesome, thanks to a beautiful person called Mpho. wish we could have taken some pics wit him tho. maybe next time and we will be waiting for his return to south africa with great anticipation. Maxwell inspires the soul

  8. Robert III says:

    Did anyone go to the South African show or the show in the Netherlands? I guess I can wait till Thursday since I’ll be at Radio City!

  9. Sandra says:

    I was at the show yesterday in was truly amazing..Maxwell you are Blessed with a voice that makes me shiver..THANK YOU!

  10. Danielle says:

    I just saw you last night in Amsterdam HMH! You were absolutely fabulous!! It was a long wait standing in front of the stage… but i don’t mind, it was definitely 100% worth the wait! You are a fabulous singer, such a beautiful voice! I’m still in Mr. Max mode today…. totally blown away!

    Keep on doin’ your thing and come bach to Amsterdam again…. Love ya!

  11. Nurse Deb says:

    Be sure to rest that voice of yours I don’t want it to give out before you hit the Midwest!!! Be safe!

  12. Riisey says:

    Keep praying for Max he is on a long journey, Love ya Max be careful.

  13. Shani says:

    See you at both NYC shows….front center. I can hardly breathe at the thought….

  14. dorrie says:

    hello m. welcome back to the states. have a great show tomorrow.
    GOD BLESS you always and take care.

  15. Aida says:

    So nice to hear from somebody that was at the South African show!,thanks for sharing Brandon.
    the show in Amsterdam was ab-so-fucking-lutely words can describe..well actually i kinda described it in my blog but still lol.Im like a drug addict now,and i need my new max live fix asap! Somebody cares to fly a sista over to the states? LOL

  16. Monique says:

    I am a big fan Maxwell. I wish you would have added a tour date to come to Phoenix, AZ. I am so mad because I can’t get tickets to either shows in Vegas or L.A. Please think about adding Phoenix to your tour dates…… I know your other fans here would love it too….

  17. (Cherokee) says:

    Avotre Sante’ Maxwell!!!

    Here’s your review from your first U.S. date, October 8, 2008 at The Opera in Boston, MA last night…EXCELLENTE! God bless you, love…

    Maxwell returns, with thrill intact
    By Sarah Rodman, Globe Staff | October 9, 2008

    It is possible that there were other people onstage last night when Maxwell began singing his cover of Kate Bush’s ethereal “This Woman’s Work.” But the moment the R&B singer eased into the first cooing high notes of the fragile ballad, everything in the Opera House that wasn’t encompassed in the mists of his aching falsetto sigh vanished in some sort of soul-induced hysterical blindness. The crowd, especially the women, erupted with an explosion of the type and volume of screaming usually reserved for an Oprah Winfrey giveaway show.

    Maxwell earned every one of those shrieks and sighs with a spectacular comeback performance that made clear the only thing he’s lost in the six-plus years he’s been laying low is his Afro.

    Attired in a tux, with bowtie rakishly untied, Maxwell slid, spun, and thrusted his way through the lush ballads and crisp jams that made him a star on the neo-soul scene of the late ’90s with a self-assured ease.

    (One thing he’s clearly been doing during his break: squats.)

    The crowd did its part chiming in on the smooth, never-raunchy come-ons of tunes like “Lifetime” and “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” careful not to drown out the elegant contours of a voice so clearly cultivated through years of singing along with Marvin Gaye and Prince.

    With the crackerjack aid of a hot ten-piece band – including a three-piece horn section that doubled on backing vocals – Maxwell also, almost guiltily, previewed a few songs from his upcoming trilogy of albums, “Black Summer’s Night.”

    He needn’t have apologized. New tunes like “Pretty Wings” were of a piece with his sexy back catalog, drawing positive reactions to the crisp backbeat, and to the sentiment of not holding onto someone too tightly. Maxwell also wisely sandwiched each new tune between beloved oldies.

    Graciously, with a stunned sincerity, he repeatedly thanked the audience for remembering him and the songs.

    The band, of course, made itself known throughout the night, with tasteful flourishes, from the percussionist expertly wafting neck-hair-raising chimes through the sultry “Was My Girl” to the bass player laying down smoky riffs that seemed to slide like quicksilver around the slinky funk of the new tune “Bad Habits.”

    Guys, if your lady went to the show last night and isn’t home yet, you may want to check the floor of the Opera House, where more than one woman was observed dissolving into a puddle of soul-powered bliss.

    Opener Jazmine Sullivan got the fires burning with a short set that showcased her irrepressible personality – especially on the woman-scorned opener “Bust Your Windows” – and her seductively husky voice.

  18. Shelly says:

    See in NYC baby tonight and on the November 23rd. I love you that much I got to see you twice! It’s been too damn long (August 25, 2001 at MSG)!

  19. lisa says:

    saw you in boston and you tore it up, hope you have a great journey. we missed you

  20. CHRISTAL~LUV says:



  21. Shani says:

    BRAVO! Amazing show at Radio City last night. You looked so sexy and still sound better than anyone making music today. I’m just glad I got to touch your hand. That made my whole year! 🙂 See you next month.

  22. Michelle says:

    Hey Max –

    Saw you last night at Radio City Music Hall, and you blew my mind as usual. I brought a co-worker friend with me , and it was her first time seeing you. Now she is just as smitten with you as I am.

    Prior to last night the last concert I saw was on August 25, 2001 and you were at MSG. Not to many people perform like you do. I’ve missed you. Thank you so much for coming back.

    I will see you again on the 23rd of November at the UPT and it will be my fifth concert.

    I love your humble spirit. It’s refreshing!

    I truly love you as an artist and as a person. May God Bless You.

  23. MCW says:

    You were wonderful in Boston, we’re still talking about it. Can’t wait for the album.
    Sending love and light.

  24. Devi LeMae says:

    Maxwell, we love you here in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA too. I am 12 years your senior, but you are high on my list along with my favorite arists that I grew up with. Please come to the great NW!


  25. paula says:

    please consider Phoenix az

  26. Brandon Florus says:

    im still feelin ya vibe since the Macufe gig you did in Bloemfontein SA. cant get it out of my mind, the show was mind blowin, your band is awesome, you guys seemed to be connected on another level when you on dat stage, i felt it and i am still feelin it. keep dem good vibes comin ya hear, cos heaven knows we need it. Peace&luv


  27. Nakia says:

    I’m still reallin’ from your performance In Camden NJ. I’m just a simple teacher in Philly. You carried me through. Thank you for your music. I’m met you many times in my dreams. We had many funny conversations. That’s really funny to me. You seemed real cool and down to earth reminding of myself at times. Bless you

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