Detour To Salt Lake City

Giant’s won the game.. hahaha Pittsburgh! Sorry  Hod (Hod David guitar player and co-writer/producer on most of most of our albums) wasnt very happy his team lost. Its all good we had enough beer to make it alright. not that we know anything about beer or drinking. ahem..


45 Responses to Detour To Salt Lake City

  1. Nurse Angie says:

    I can only imagine how tiring touring can be. Remember we love you, and need you for as long as we can have you. Please bless us with your voice, music and spirit for a while longer. You are our generations’ Marvin Gaye! I’ve been so bored with empty, immature lyrics and music that doesn’t move me. Thank you and your entire band!
    -your Maxwell Fan Forum loves u!

  2. jessica says:

    Don’t front!
    They (the band) know a lot about “beer and drinking”…I hung out with them in Minneapolis! lol. Had a great time though!

  3. KAM says:

    Oh no you didn’t!!! That’s alright David the Steelers will get them next time. I’m from the steel town too, born and raised and now residing in the Big Apple.


  4. Faith says:

    Max you look tired as hell, but at least you were out having fun.

  5. monica says:

    Nice legs, Maxwell, I must say I never pictured you as a beer drinker. lol

  6. Tatiana says:

    i agree with you max!!..Giants are no joke lol

  7. Debby says:

    Aww.. poor David! Hope he drank enough to forget about it. 😉 Nice picture!

  8. Beer…beer…what are you talkin’ bout man?! That ain’t nuthin’ but some “strong tea.”

  9. Megan says:

    Congrats to your Giants win…needless to say I was upset for my Steelers ….thats ok we can’t win em all….oh and I can’t wait to see you on Nov 19th in DC at Constitution Hall!!

  10. TL says:

    Dude! I will be waiting for you at the stateline…it has been 7 years since you were here in Vegas…I am so proud of you, your talent and your character…Keep it real Maxwell and stay on top…Love you much! TL

  11. Aizhana says:

    I wish, I was that lady waitress)

  12. Karen says:

    That’s an interesting apparatus y’all have there on the table,lol. I hope u guys had a good day off. Paz y adora.

  13. napps4change says:

    Enjoyed your concert tremendously in the Lou. Much luv to you and your band. Keep safe. Looking forward to your new cd!

  14. TriniMa says:

    GO GIANTS! My husband was pissed. Gotta love the safety.

    Max are you in shorts? Lemme go look at that flic one mo gin. 🙂

  15. Kiz says:


    Loving the normal dude look, white tee and shorts.

  16. carla says:

    Ok Max…that looks like a life size bong that u all just took a toke from…lol just joshing.. lol.
    I want the babies to get some sleep because yall r working soo hard to please us and I am truly greatful that you all decided to do this but Imma need everybody to go to bed n get some rest. Umph, I know my lethargic azz wldnt be able to hang. Anyhoo…
    I’ve been waking up every morning so excited for the upcoming month..1. For Nov. 4th… I will be dancing a jig all up n thru my office after I get up off my knees from praising the LORD for our new beginning! “All our life, we done had ta fight!”-Miss Sofia-Revised Quote
    Then… 2. Looking forward to Nov.17,18,19 and 22 to drop down low n sweep the flo wit it. BTW…can you make sure the security lets us get out of our seats and get down if we want? I don’t wanna hafta be escorted out by Debo because I didn’t see the sign that said “NO SPLITS ALLOWED” on the wall… anyhoo..I have no idea whether u read these or somebody reads them to u or not, but I hope this gets relayed to u somehow (yes, here comes the mushy part) that I’ve been soo emotionally filled ever since I first found out about the tour. I wish u knew how much it meant to me to actually have the chance to tell you face to face what ur music meant to my ENTIRE being. To this day… 1998 was the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE because of you and a few other monumental things that happned. I miss that time in my life so much it brings me to tears. Thats why seeing/hearing you again is really taking me back when evvvverything was illuminated. Those four nights.. I will be sans stress/ sadness/sorrow and pro sight/sound/surrealism.(end of mushy)
    Access Granted was really great to see and very touching… Yeah I’ll say it… I cried right along with you when you were given that extraordinary honor in SA. So so so happy 4 u. Ok..thats I need to go to bed…Love ya! Carla M. Turner (mtv fanatic #1)

  17. Suitelady523 aka Cococure says:

    Hey M, I never imagined you in gym shorts. You still look good. I’m happy 4 your team win. Please take care out there on the road (band members included). God bless ypu all. Thanks for the awesome Indy show.

  18. Alison Simone says:

    A man after my own heart…M, I must say this is my favourite picture yet !

  19. Traci says:

    I can’t wait to see you in Vegas on Friday. Can a sista get a shout out or a hug? I’ll be in Section 103. I’ve been waiting 7 years. Love ya, Traci.

  20. Brenda says:

    Glad to see you had time for a little R&R
    Max in shorts, now that’s a pic! (smile). It’s nice to show
    candid pics like these. Don’t drink too much but enjoy
    yourself. (smile) See ya Soon and this time I can actually say
    it’s going to happen. D.C. and Baltimore will have the
    pleasure of seeing you perform soon and I hear it’s worth
    waiting for.

  21. Nurse Deb says:

    Wow, I am so glad you and the “team” had some down time to relax…and have some “normal” fun. Did the bar staff even have a clue who you were? Enjoy this anonymity
    while it lasts! The people who are in your life as co-workers and friends are very lucky people….but then so are we….THANK YOU for sharing your life with us.
    God Bless, stay safe out there….BUS DRIVERS….no hangovers please!!!! LOL

  22. (Cherokee) says:

    Wait! I know you didn’t say “hahaha Steelers”? Please don’t let Roethlisberger, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu hear you say that, Mr. Max! Don’t forget that I will see you in Atlanta on Nov. 12th! I may live in the ATL, but my heart is with the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers, who of course, have been great rivals for a history of years! I wished and called it when the Steelers won the Super Bowl against Seattle in 2006 for I wanted Jerome Bettis to finally get his Super Bowl ring! So…what did you say about the Steelers? Your look in those shorts is far too cool, sweetheart! I’m checking out my current favorites on the telly, True Blood on HBO, TCM (Turner Classic Movies), and AMC (American Movie Classic) Horror films since Saturday thru tomorrow night, 10/31 Halloween! See you soon…stay safe in our journey! Spiritual love….

  23. Sherry says:

    Okay, I’m still on a high from the Detroit concert. I think we need to have you back….real soon. After the concert I wanted to smoke a cigarette…you know like after good lovemaking.. and I don’t even smoke. lol Hurry back.

  24. carlene says:

    love the legs you need to try naked beer pong

  25. julia says:

    Max, you’re simply beautiful.It’s nice to see you dressed down and relaxing.

  26. SageFymme says:

    Hey Sweetie 🙂

    I’m pleased to see that that you are not letting “them” get to you. Do You and Don’t let Anyone make you feel a certain kind a way about You 🙂 When are you all coming to Columbus.OH? You know that we are the determining factor in who gets to become president. 🙂 Obama 08′ 🙂 So, why would we not be the determining factor in who is the next Big undervalued star 🙂

    Much Love 🙂 from Secrets the WISE ONE/LADY,

    SageFymme 🙂

  27. Erica (DragonflyLocs) says:

    Can’t believe N.O. didn’t get any love this time on your tour!!!
    Time constraints didn’t permit us to travel to Hou/Dal or ATL but maybe 2009 will bring you this direction.

    Be blessed….


  28. Ja'Shawnai says:

    Alright Max! Getting your drank on! 🙂

    You were so great at the Shrine! It was amazing Max!!!

    You and the band sounded soooo good!!

    So good to see you back out there doing your thing!!!

    Love you Much!

    ~ Ja’Shawnai

  29. Lolita76 says:

    Hello Maxwell, and I just wanted to say, that your concert here in Chicago, was off the hook. I see that you’re getting your grown & sexy on, and I love it. I can’t wait for you to comeback and bless us (your fans), with another classic concert. Also I can hardly wait for your new CD to drop, I will most definitly be, the first one in line to purchase it lol. Stay blessed and I can’t wait to see you here again soon my dear !

  30. Pammie C. says:

    Love it! So good to see you chillin’ like normal folk :-). You are a beautiful spirit and I sure do appreciate your humbleness. Lookin’ forward to seeing you in DC. Thanks for adding that third show, because I was about to have a fit if I couldn’t get my Maxwell fix. 🙂

    Peace, blessings and love

  31. Anne says:

    I have to ask is Maxwell really posting here? (I know dumb question but you never know, could be his assistant) Anyway if he is, I saw you in Oakland and you blew my mind! BEST SHOW EVER, hands down!


  32. bebee says:

    Hello Max,

    I have been blessed to see you in concert in NYC, I gave you a blue rose after the show and was “tongue tied”! I wish I had told you how much I loved your show and you:). I also set on the front row center in Chicago (red dress) and sent you blue roses to your dressing room; and then just saw you on Las Vegas! You have know idea how much joy your music and concerts have brought to my life! You are a blessing to us all and your humility blow me away!

    God bless you and your band. Hope to meet you some day, I will probably faint!

    PS: Great picture, looks like you guys were having real fun!

    Stay blessed,


  33. Lady Joleta says:

    Oh so this is where u’ve been updating your stuff. U all over the place -typical Gemini.

    U a beer drinker – u get very interesting every nanosecond – I say like yuckasaurus -beer to the hell no (looks like piss).

    Great 2 whoever who won but the biggest victory is Barack Obama becoming the 44th U.S. president and first African-American- Now that’s a real victory. – Yeah I’m a bit behind checking all this stuff you post-as they say about or new president -better late than never.

    See you this coming Saturday-Nov 8, I’ve got something for u from the group.

    1 Luv, 1 world, Obama 08

    Next 4 years baby -now top that with a victory

    Lady Joleta

    P.S. You really do have some skinny legs -LOL

  34. babyd0ll says:

    ARGHHHHHHH, see you later today. I’ll be upfront, 3rd row ; ) woooooo, serenade me.

  35. FEE says:

    nice legs…LOL!

    cant wait until nov 12th!

  36. Tatiana says:

    Hey Maxwell!

    so what do you think of our new president?..what was going through your mind when OBAMA was declared the winner??…i dunno about u, but i almost passed out because i couldn’t believe it!..i still can’t believe it.. lol i’m so happy i voted for the first time and it payed off!

    love u maxwell!

  37. Rhonda B says:

    I luv this pic…GO GIANTS!!!I miss Michael :(… I caught your show this past Friday in Houston, one word…WOW!!!! You are such a clown lol…I luv’d every moment of it.

  38. Cherokee says:

    Hey Max!

    Atlanta radio station WVEE 103,3, Kiss 104.1 and Hot 107.9 (Hip Hop Radio) are in complete promotion of your upcoming concert Wed. November 12, with The Civic Center’s marquee blowing up “Maxwell Live 08”! The ATL loves you so much, and all will be in the house! Can’t wait to see you…it will be THE party of all parties with your beautiful presence! See ya soon, and stay safe in your travels! God bless you and your Max Crew always…

  39. Pearl says:

    Hey Max,

    Was invited the other day to play some of my songs on a radio station here in my hometown. I was also asked to present a song from someone I’m inspired of, it was a pleasure to present one your songs! I enjoyed it.

    Goodluck with the rest of your tour. Hopefully, next time God will grant me a chance to see you perform live!

    You are truely loved!

  40. Aida says:

    ieuwww beer is Not the business! whatchu know bout those tequila shots huh huh huh?!
    Appreciate the candidness(is that even a word) Max! Tour’s almost wrapping up,I hope you’ll never wonder about the admiration people still have for you and your work..test us by leaving for another 7 years and we’ll Still be here waiting for you.The Force is Strong!

  41. Tatiana says:

    i heard ur gonna release your album on valentine’s day 09!
    i guess i have to save up now..omg i cannot wait lol!

    good luck on your tour!..maybe next yr..thats if u tour..i’ll get a chance to see you live 4 the first time..sad right??..

    love u max!
    bonne chance, mon ami

  42. Feenie says:

    The Birmingham show was awesome. This pic may be old, but I sure hope you all get many chances like this for R& all seriously deserve it. I’m too old for this swooning, but I do love it. Right now..there’s you Maxwell.

  43. Cherokee says:


    Here’s a BIG WELCOME with hugs and kisses on your arrival to Atlanta for your SOLDOUT show at The Civic Center tonight! Can’t wait for tonight where anticipation is rising for us all! Do what you do best, beautiful…we love you unconditionally! God bless you and your crew today and always! Infinite peace and love…One

  44. NICOLE says:

    Hi Maxwell,

    I’ve been a fan since the beginning. My hubby and I saw u in Chicago. What a great show! My hubby laughed at me during the entire concert. I’m 34 now! But I carried on like that 22 year old I was when u first hit the scene! :)My hubby and I were just dating then, so I feel like I’ve kind of grown up with u. He understands how much I love your music!

    Stay Blessed


  45. Raquel says:

    Maxwell it’s good to see you kicking back and joying life. It’s moments like this that help you get through each stressful day. Stay cool, relaxed and positive.. Luv ya!

    P.S. You know a sista love the picture of you in your shorts.


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