Meet the Band: Sean Michael Ray


19 Responses to Meet the Band: Sean Michael Ray

  1. Nurse Deb says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out Mr. Sean! You and the rest of the band are so beautiful and talented. Thanks for supporting the man who’s music has changed my outlook on life!!! What a blessing MAX has in you and you in MAX! Keep up the great work. I was in Minneapolis and Kansas City (I was the gal who was blessed with the hug and kiss from Max in KC). I will DEFINITLY be back for more in 2009!!
    God Bless and stay safe!!
    Nurse Deb

  2. Kenya says:

    I would just like to say that I had a great time at the concert in Atlanta. You guys did a great job. I love hearing music live. And you know you were holding it down on that bass! Hopefully, I will get a chance to see you all again when you come to ATL in ’09.

    Have a great tour!

  3. Marly says:

    Hello. Good to meet you. Loved the interview. You all did a wonderful job when you were here in Detroit. Can’t wait for you to come back. Seems like you have a ton of fun up there on stage. Keep up the good work!

  4. Sheena Epps says:

    OK I’m glad to know his name now b/c I have a picture with him and no name and he was like the nicest guy I met during the San Diego concert right along with Maxwell and Saunders. πŸ™‚

  5. Anitra says:

    Represent Sean!!!! LOL You guys did a WONDERFUL job in Birmingham. You make us all proud back at home. Much success to you!!!

  6. Anlolee says:

    Please to meet you Sean! I was at the Detroit show and was amazed by the band. The music didn’t overpower Maxwell! It made Maxwell sound even more beautiful and vice versa! I’m a MFF member and have heard a lot of nice things about you. Being nice to people really goes a long way! Please bless us again next year with your musical talent. Bell well!

  7. meka says:

    This is a great way to be introduced to those who bring their unique experiences to Maxwell’s music…especially if we are about to spend time with these individuals for the next few years in concerts, possible videos and various television performances…….I also appreciate the fact that we get to learn a little bit more about Maxwell through the band member’s perspective…..


  8. Khadijah says:

    Are you coming to Cleveland, Ohio anytime? We really would like to have you come here.

    If not, when are you touring again in a place near Cleveland. Thanks.

  9. Calandra in Chicago says:

    Great interview! It’s good to put a name with a face. You were on my side of the stage when the tour rolled into Chicago and you were fabulous. I love that Max tours with a full band each time. It makes the whole experience even better.

    I’m definitely looking forward to 2009.

    Take care and keep doing your thing.

    Proud MaxwellFanForum Member

  10. Mary says:

    Great interview! Btw, who’s asking the questions?

  11. Maratobi says:

    Love this interview..the band is such an important part of the Maxwell concert experience..I come to scream and act a fool over Maxwell but my hubby always supports me at the concerts because he enjoys the band so much..Looking forward to the next show..

  12. carla says:

    Sean, I can tell… ur that cool uncle from outta town that everyone puts down the cards(spades of course) and the plates n swarms to when he arrives to the family cookouts. You never dissapoint when expected to play a tune or two, making it “ aint the same” when ur not able to be there this one time. I admire u for pursuing the love that u love for a living. Gonna b like u when i grow up πŸ™‚

    See ya on the 17th,18th,19th,& 22nd…I’ll be the one getting cussed out by the chick next to me for dancing on her corns by mistake lol …Get some good sleep too and cut back on the Redbulls…Peaces

    LuvYa Max!! (1998 Mtv FANatic)….TWO MORE DAYS!!!! YAAAAYY!!!

  13. I love the mini interview. And what I loved most about the band when you were here in Detroit * Oct 19, 2008 * Whoooooo what a concert* how on one accord you were. I am a concert/music FANATIC! And not only do I pay close attention to the singer, but to the music/band as well. And let me tell you. The BAND WAS ON POINT!! I think I watched you guys play and follow Max’s Lead just as much as I watched him. LOL Music is very imporant especially when playing live. YOU GUYS ARE THAT DEAL!!!

    Maxwell put together a GREAT BAND OF MUSICIANS.


  14. monica says:

    Thanks for introducing the band, they are awsome. I saw you guys in Minneapolis, and you rocked. Nice to meet you Sean, there is just something about a southern gentleman, lol.

  15. Daphne says:

    Hey Sean,
    You were sweet and humble in Birmingham.. I like to feel bass licks..and I felt those licks. The show for me was fabulous. Hope to see you all again.

  16. Shawn says:

    Sean thank you for your great talent. You were great in Houston. Hope to see you again next year. God Bless.

  17. valenz96 says:

    Thanks Sean, wonderful interview. Love that smile! You and the band were awesome in Atlanta. I’m sure Max was pleased. Just had a thought, LOL. Maybe I should take up learning to play an instrument. You played with John Waite! I ain’t missing you at all…loved that song!

  18. Lady Joleta says:

    I think this is a great concept. Having the audience get to know the band- b/c they are just as important as the front man or woman. They also help in bringing the concert experience full of life. Thank you to the band for your talents and spreading your wings-music to the world. Best bands ever -Sade & Maxwell’s. OK I’ll add Prince and Simply Red as well. Lady Joleta

  19. Rhonda says:

    Hey Sean, the man that puts down that awesome groove throughout Max’s songs! I really do love the bass grooves to all of Max’s songs! Good to hear from you! Musicians have to be SO TALENTED to work with a genius like Maxwell because he likes to change up the songs. I missed the Chicago show, but I’m seriously looking forward to next year. OMG! NEW material!
    Take care of yourself! (YOU TOO, MAXWELL! Love ya!)
    Maxwell Fan Forum πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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