Meet the Band

Its no secret that the band is greatly admired by Maxwell.  We thought it would only be fair to have a “Meet the Band” segment so that you can see and hear what these talented individuals are like off stage.  Over the next couple of days we will have interviews with different band members and give them the spotlight they have earned and deserve.

Band Shot from Houston, TX


17 Responses to Meet the Band

  1. Capdeelite says:

    The band is great. I saw the show in Birmingham. Maxwell is great how he gives them their props..Maxwell loves to say “we” as he discusses his music. That says alot about his band. I just wish someone had not bumped my car at the show 😦

  2. Nurse Deb says:

    I agree! That’s why myself and the girls at the “forum” love MAX so much…he’s SO humble and thankful for everything in his life and we can see how much he values the good things in his life. He takes nothing for granted which is the sign of a beautiful soul. Honoring the band is one of those things that is typical of MAX, and of course, they are the most deserving….
    Can’t wait to see them again in 2009!!!
    Nurse Deb

  3. Cherokee says:

    Max and the Max Crew!

    Your Atlanta show was the most exhilarating, intimately personal and closely knit show that I’ve ever seen between you, your band, and your loving audience! As we danced on our feet from beginning to end of your sensually charged show, there was much “connected chemistry” in the air for we love you very much here, and are awaiting with much anticipation for your 2009 return! Songs you performed from your old and forthcoming CD like “Bad Habits”, “Pretty Wings” and “Help Me (Haitian song)” were the tip of what was a very climactic and energized night from your beautiful, spiritual soul! I loved how security were having difficulty containing all of us “your Max women” who rushed the stage when you gave out hugs & kisses on both ends! As you jumped from high speaker to speaker with great agility, your floetic dance moves were SO hot (reminiscent of Marvin Gaye), particularly when you “broke it down” to the floor in roundabout mode, which the crowd, including myself enjoyed with wild cheers! Thank you for being you, so beautiful inside and out, humble, attentive, comical, energetic, brilliant and creatively talented! To cap it off, your band is completely awesome, very personable, intuitive and musically explosive, matching you in every way! Hurry back soon to ATL, and be safe in your travels with God’s infinite blessings! Peaceful love…

  4. Angela Lee says:

    Maxwell- This is wonderful! Please keep in touch with your fans through the internet. You may not believe this, but we really love it! We eat it up! It brings us a little closer to you! I am more than happy to meet your band and get to know a little more about each one of them. They definitely deserve the spotlight 2!

    -your MFF loves and respects you very much!!

  5. Bianca says:

    Flew from Jackson Ms to see ur Dallas show. It was to die for…easily the best concert I’ve been to…EVER! The band played beautifully and I loved ur background singer’s waves. She was reminiscent of a Renaissance woman & you r definitely a modern day Renaissance man. It was a good look & the short duet “If it ‘s alright w/ u…” was my fav part of the show. Well, besides you freakin’ the mic stand (lol). Can’t wait til ur next tour. Don’t let it take six yrs this time! O and I know u prefer ur privacy (can’t say I blame you) but don’t turn Essence down if they ask to interview ya. I’ve been pressing them like crazy.

    P.S. and quit teasing us with the snippets already~lol

  6. Silawn says:

    Thank you for this ‘Meet the Band’ section. I look forward to getting to know a little bit more about those who help make the magic happen night after night.

    And thank you so much to the band members who have been extremely gracious to the MAXfam after the shows. You guys are awesome. ON and OFF the stage!

  7. nicole says:


    The band is great. I saw your show for the third time in Chicago. Latina has the sweetest voice and you guys harmonize so well together. Maybe a duet in the near future??? I love the live band, it reminds me of a Sade concert! She has one of the best bands ever outside of Earth Wind and Fire!

    Stay Blessed

  8. Another thing I noticed about Max……. here in Detroit and everywhere else Im sure. He gae mad props to Jazmine. I looooooooooooove that about him. Its never *I*. so unselfish of him. And just thing he can be home keeping at all Talent to himself.

    God Bless You boo and your Band.
    Your gurl
    google me baby @hecallmecree

  9. TT says:

    You were awsome in Greensboro NC Last night!!!

  10. valenz96 says:

    Maxwell, you never cease to amaze me. Your thoughtfulness shines through in everything you do. I love the way you introduced your band members in Atlanta. College Park in da House, LOL. I really enjoyed the show. It was a feat to get there, but I made it and was extremely happy that I did. Had I not, you wouldn’t have been rocking the house with glitter all over your face. Sorry Max, I hope it didn’t irritate your skin. I am so happy that you are selling out shows everywhere. I know that it takes the coming together of all participants to make things happen. And what happens with you is always magical. Kudos to the band, your singers and especiallly to you for keeping it real and showing us 100% of the time that you appreciate us, the fans who love you. God bless you! See you in 2009 if it be His will.

  11. Suitelady523 aka Cococure says:

    I just wanted to say that I was at the Indy show and the band was awesome. You all fit
    Maxwell perfectly. I love the way you all look at each other and you can sense that you all are like family….I didn’t get to comment on the Indy show because there was no segment on this twitter page, but I would like to say that it was a great pleasure to meet Maxwell and to get a picture and a signed autograph. I was on the third row center and I tossed a few blue roses and you were able to sing with one of them. Having that Maxwell experience was the best ever. Also, after the show a few of us were interviewed by Max’s camera man for the BET Maxwell Live 08 tour to give our comments on the show…. Please check it out. Maxwell you are the best ever and I will always be a supporter of your music. This was my second show and I took my sister and she knew that you were good but she stated that you were the top of the top when it comes to music. I told her that’s what I’ve been saying since 1997.

    You are truly blessed and I pray that God will one day bless you with the right woman so that you may experience the unconditional love of having your own family.

    MaxFanFam member
    Suitelady523 aka Cococure

  12. Vena says:

    Maxwell, last night’s performance in Richmond was exhilerating! IT’S GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! The band was EXCEPTIONAL! The horns took my breath away! I was waiting for you to sing “BAD HABITS” because I love the horns and the harmony, but you didn’t sing it. I did enjoy “Pretty Wings” and “Help Someone.” The men in the band looked suave and professional and LaTina was, as always, lovely and on point. The atmosphere was indeed celabratory, although it was quite warm. (smile) I hope you feel as recharged and happy as you looked. I believe that music is a gift from God. Therefore, you all are true blessings.
    Love and Hapiness,
    VENA, your “my space” friend
    P.S. – Maxwell, did you get my gift? I gave someone on your tour staff a gift to give to you. He assured me he would.

  13. Andreana says:

    Such a beautiful soul you are. Caught the show in Greensboro, NC and it was such a beautiful thing truly. You never disappoint and the other half of you (the band) was also very pleasing (for lack of a better word). YOUR HUMILITY just makes one love, you are truly a rarity to be treasured. Happy Touring & Happy Holidays Upcoming as I happily await all that which is to come. No matter what, my love endures and thanks for creating a space that allows my voice to praise once again. Have your best day ever! Andreana

  14. michelle6162 says:

    Maxwell’s Twitter
    _Maxwell_: cant believe DC represented like they did!! Had me sweating like a pig. Hello Philly

    Maxwell, I caught your Nov 17th show in DC… TRUST ME you had us sweating too! :0)
    We (DC/MD/VA) appreciate REAL talent! You and Da Band definitely know how to work dat stage. 🙂 James Brown would give his stamp of approval. Special shout out to Ms. LaTina. 🙂

    Big Up to… Jazmine Sullivan! 🙂

  15. Tequilla says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Maxwell’s show was AWESOME!!! I went to one of the DC shows and I enjoyed myself sooooooooooo much I brought a ticket to see him in Baltimore. We all appreciate you for blessing us with your presence again. I can’t wait until the album comes out!!!!!

  16. Shelly says:

    Hey Max –

    Saw you at United Palace Theatre last night. You rocked! Thanks for making NYC your last tour date. It did my heart good.

    I also know you don’t feel very well. I am praying for your god speed recovery.

    Take care!


  17. Tia says:

    Hi Maxwell,

    My name is Tia and I am just learning about your music. After reading some of the above messages, I am embarrassed to say I did not know about the concerts or your return to performing. My youngest son told me about your music and encouraged me to listen to “This Woman’s Work”. Today I am haunted by the melody and the lyrics. It is a beautiful song but would like to know what it means to you. I watched a live video of you singing it, and the emotion leapt from the screen. I truly enjoyed the performance/experience. I look forward to hearing your new music in the coming year.



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