Greensboro, NC: Sold Out!!

Thanks Greensboro!

See You Tonight. : )


33 Responses to Greensboro, NC: Sold Out!!

  1. Tracy Wagner says:

    I love you Maxwell!!! You are my favorite singer on earth! Love from Houston! You put on a hell of a show. This is my third time seeing you in concert and counting. Can’t wait for you to return and I can’t wait for the new album to drop. To date though Embrya is my favorite.

    Tracy Wagner

  2. Shun says:

    I had my first “Maxwell Experience” last weekend in Dallas. My husband surprised me with tickets and your concert was the most romantic and sensual concert I have ever attended. You have raised the bar and set the standards so high that It’s unattainable by anyone else. When you have true talent and an awesome band, special effects and complex dance routines are not necessary, as you have shown. You were mesmerizing on stage, your performance far exceeded my expectations. There are no words that can adequately describe just exactly what you did on that stage last Saturday night. It was truly a surreal experience. I’m still “Floating on Cloud Maxwell “, a week later… . After the concert we went home, put “Urban Hang Suite” in the cd player and…….Hopefully in 9 months…… Maxwell, Thank you for a truly memorable night. I look forward to Black Summers Night and the tour next year….Much love for the the Sexy Man with the Incredible Voice, Maxwell!

  3. Mrs. Maxwell :) says:

    Hi Maxwell!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE YOOOOUUU SOOOOOOOO much!!! Oh yeah, and your music too right?!!! Thanks for a wonderful show in Dallas!!! Thank you for being you. You are an absolute blessing to the music industry and if you ever leave me, I mean the scenn (ahem), for seven years, I’d really be heartbroken!!!!! Oh yeah, the next time you come to Dallas, please try for the AA center or the Nokia Center because the Majestic didn’t do you or Jazmine Justice!!! Thanks for ‘Pretty Wings’, need more songs like that. Ques: How do you break-up with someone real sexy like that? hahaha Just being goofy and had to know.

    I’ve been reading some of your interviews online and found out that you like feedback about your music so here is mine: I think you a musical masterpiece!!! You are without a doubt my absolute most favorite singer in the universe and it’s really hard to impress me musically because everyone right now sounds the same. I have loved your music since I was 18 and I’m 30 now. (Drown Deep is my favorite song!!!!) I have all your CD’s and I’ve been to every one of your shows in Dallas and I must say that I was entertained from beginning to end and that is rare in music these days. A lot of times you get overwhelmed with an artists’ new material when they have been gone for so long and your are sitting there looking like “what the hell????””” which usually ends in disappointment and I don’t get that from your shows. I must be honest though, I don’t feel every song that you’ve done (maybe one or two if I think hard enough about it) but you still leave me wanting more. You make a lot of the mushy stuff make a hell of a lot of sense without being vulgar or too over the top and that idea is simply lost now a days in the music industry. Most artists come right with telling what they have to offer (usually sexually) and I appreciate the fact that you are so in tuned with what we (women) want and that we still appreciate men surprising us in the bedroom instead of telling us up front what you are going to do to us. Your music is greatly appreciated and I praise GOD daily for a musical gift such as yourself. You are definitely something to behold….. LOVE YA!!!!!! Keep up the good work and if you need time off again to just be you, do it!!!! I, if no one else, will always be waiting for you when you return! DO YO’ THANG’ TONIGHT IN GREENSBORO!!!!!!!! Have fun, be safe, and stay positive!!!!

  4. Angela Barrett says:

    Your show last night in Greensboro is one that I’ll be talking about for years! For those who don’t know, Maxwell is such a gracious, humble, giving and spellbounding artist. Your 7 year hiatus has made you a MASTER OF YOUR CRAFT. The band was AWESOME and thank you for picking such an initimate venue to us a MEMERIZING evening!

  5. kenisha lee says:

    Maxwell I saw you in concert for the first time last night I’m already looking foward to the tour of 09′ .Thank you for truly bringing sexy back and for causing me to fall in love with real music all over again . Know that I never stopped playing the original , continue to speak from the heart and your fans will never be dissapointed.You are truly the best performer of my generation.Thank you again for turning GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA

  6. Kara G. says:

    Maxwell, what can I say????? After seven years (I didn’t realize it had been THAT long) you are still one of THE MOST IMPRESSIVE perfomers ever. My husband and I drove up to Greensboro from Charlotte and traffic was horrendous! All my frustrations were taken away when I walked in realized that I not missed you and then you took the stage. Wow!

    I’ve been there with you since ’96’/97 and I can’t wait to hear the results of your latest project in 2009. I hope you enjoyed your time off, but I’m so excited that we have you back! Thanks for showing the love to your fans.

    By the way, love the new look!

    Take care & be blessed!

  7. Sheletha says:

    I loved your show in Greensboro last night. Im still high….every CD is on shuffle right now.

    I hope they get better t-shirts and merchandising next year. I hope you come back to NC.

  8. CC says:

    Maxwell your art is most def user friendly for us young Seniors as well. Wow how I enjoy your entertaiment.
    I may try to “do” the Baltimore Concert. If I don’t make it, lots of luck to you and “so cool” Latina and the BAND.
    Give my hometown B’more the “works”.


    ps….. don’t you’all forget to check in on your homebase to your love ones. (smile)

  9. TT says:

    I am just speechless!! Last night in Greensboro was my first Maxwell concert and it was worth EVERY penny! I am so glad you are back, you have really been missed. I am already putting my money aside for the next concert 🙂

    PS, hope you liked the gift I tossed on stage for you “je t’aime” :):):)

  10. woo says:

    Loved the Vegas concert (except the panty call). The venue was fabulous. Your obvious senuality, both personally and in your lyrics, is palpable and needed in more men today.
    I am waiting with baited breath to get your next CD and to see you again “Live in 2009.” Your talent is untouchable and truly a gift!

  11. Kenya says:

    I loved all of the new songs you sang in concert. I finally heard all of Pretty Wings and I am loving Bad Habits! The horns and that bass line…Just Funky! Your songwriting has always amazed me. It is definitely a lost art. Hopefully the album is coming soon? I won’t be able to “get right” til I hear a release date! LOL
    Much love

  12. ReeRee says:

    The concert is Greensboro was amazing, I had seen you several years ago in Atlanta. I couldn’t believe you could improve on that concert but you did. I look forward to your new album, and every concert that I can see. You are truely a entertainer!!! I love all your music, keep doing you. Love Always – R

  13. Jessica says:


    You put on an awesome performance in Greensboro friday night. It was worth every penny. I had never seen you perfrom before. I was more than amazed. I didn’t think it was possible but it seems that you’re voice has gotten even better. I cannot wait until the new cd drops. Thanks for such a great performance.

    With Much love and sincerity

  14. Daff says:

    OMIGOODNESS!!! your show in Greensboro was off the hook! i’ve missed you……and you sounded great, even despite your “leave of absence” (lol) can’t wait for your new cd(s)!!
    love you — God Bless!!

  15. Nurse Deb says:

    Wow!!! You just keep amazing people…no surprise…Max you should be SO proud of this tour….you are on top baby…and it’s SO deserved!!! I am so happy people have nothin but love for you. You have changed lives…God Bless you always, such a gift we have in you,
    Nurse Deb

  16. Jennifer says:

    Maxwell, Thank You for another great performance. I don’t care how many times I see you it’s always like the first time. I enjoyed the new song. I was prepared to hear you sing Bad Habbits again like you did in New York. Keep up the great work. Oh yea U made my night when you use the great white suprise to wipe your face off. That was from me. Love you, Love the art U put out. M.F.F. for life.


  17. kirby says:


  18. Like a rolling stone blowin’ in the wind, I was slightly tangled up in blue but being in the presence of you was like knockin’ on heaven’s door. Blessed and impressed by all of you. Thank you for being you.

  19. CC says:

    Max baby their looking for a AA James Bond for the big screen. You would be ideal. No Joke. Please check it out. They were talking about it on a B-more radio station this morn. I caught the end of the WOLB SHOW, BUT YOU should audition, please.


  20. Tatiana says:

    i have nothing but LOVE and RESPECT for you Maxwell..nuff said!

  21. Stephanie says:

    I had my first Live Maxwell Experience on November 14th. Maxwell you were my first concert. My husband introduced me to your music and I have been hooked ever since. “Fortunate” was our wedding song and it brought me to tears when you sang it. “Lifetime” is a inspirational song to me because I remember listening to it alot when my cousin died. I won’t bore you with the details but just know that when I’m down I listen to your music as “pick me up.” I would like to suggest that you to do something about the bodyguard that let the lady on stage. I was nervous for you! I do hope to see you again and pray that we get closer seats. Keep doing what you are doing! We love you and can’t wait until you come back to North Carolina!

  22. Pearl says:

    Almost at the end of the road but it’s just the beginning. Stay blessed and enjoy the new energy. It’s time for you to shine and inspire and I know you will stay balanced in all areas of your life.

    All the best wishes on your journey!

  23. Kathy says:

    Didn’t see Columbus, OH on the schedule anywhere, I know you are coming!

  24. Kayama says:

    Greensboro was a won-der-ful experience Maxwell. My hubby drove me up from Charlotte but he didn’t attend with me. Too bad because we fell in love many years ago with you as our soundtrack. :o)

    I had a good time any way. The MaxFam is like no other fan group and I met two sistas who I partied the whole concert with.

    One was enjoying her first live Max experience and I was excited for her. She had the time of her life.

    I even met more Max fans back at the hotel after the show. Sweet!

    If screams could have torn down walls, we would have been watching you in the open air. The audience was totally off the chain with anticipation and love energy and I know you felt it all.

    As always thank you for sharing your talents with us and I am thankful for you.

    Baby Bliss says hello.

    Peace and Love abound…


    p.s. Much MaxLuv to the two sistas who sat in row CCC with me. I was seat # 24 and y’all were to my left. Thanks so much for sharing the show with me. I have our photo on display in here! Maybe we can do it again at the next concert!

  25. Pearl says:

    If I had a beautiful falsetto like yours I could borrow you mine but un fortunatley I don’t.
    So see if your teas and lemons can lead to her, hopefully they will help. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, it happens… Im sure the fans will still enjoy the remaining concerts, you are very talented and you will pull it through.



  26. Dee.M says:

    hi maxwell
    i enjoyed the show in jersey. it was the first time ever seeing you live and you sounded great. you knew when you had to pause and the band is the best. latina sounded like an angel and jazmine sullivan is a power house. i love her voice. its so powerful and strong. thanx for singin bad habits. man i was hopin u sang that song and when you did it made my night. just when i thought the show was over, grabbed my coat you came back and gave us more and the more didn’t sound like half a voice at all. your a pro all the way. real music is with us once again.
    GOD BLESS you and everyone that made it happen on tour 08 always

  27. ruben says:

    good morning
    first cd i ever bough was Now, and now i have a collection of more than 200 soul/jazz/neosoul cd so you make me discover music somehow
    still there is one thing i’m expecting from you, You to come perform in France
    patiently waiting on that
    Best Regards

  28. Ashley says:

    I LOVE YOU MAXWELL! I wanted to meet you when you in DC. We were backstage but didn’t get to meet you for some reason. YOUR SHOW WAS EXQUISITE! I Enjoyed every moment! YOU STILL SOUND THE SAME AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS!!!!AND YOU ARE A TALL SEXY MAN!!

  29. Deanne says:


  30. Schelly says:

    Hey Philly was the bomb. You really but on a good show. I hope you are feeling much better. But we philly will always love you on matter what your voice sounds because you always give your ALL!! I especially wants to thank you for not cancelling the concert and continuing like a pro you are. Me and my husband enjoyed the show very much that you did the trick like always need I say more. Holla!!!! Cant wait till the album drop oops I mean cd as you see Im telling my age. Also cant wait till you come back to PHILLY!!

    Love ya #1 fan

  31. La'Shanda says:

    Hey Maxwell!

    Great Shows! Yes, I’ve attended 2 of your shows this year…Here in Houston where I live and in Greensboro, where I flew in and attended again with my sister. Both shows were great! Now, I’ll try to wait patiently (and that will be hard) for the album to drop. One of your biggest fans ….

  32. naomi5nj says:

    Maxwell, I saw both of your New York.. All i have to say is MINDBLOWING…

  33. Martini Girl says:

    Hello Maxwell, I would love to see you in concert again soon. When will you come back to Milwaukee, WI. or Chicago.

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